Camp returns on June 21-27, 2015

Registration is open for our first annual Breakfast Around the Campfire fundraiser at the Oregon Zoo on Wednesday, October 15th. More information can be found under the Donations tab on this site or you can go to the event registration page to register and find out more details!

Camp UKANDU is a camp  near Portland, OR for children living with cancer. For years it was sponsored by the American Cancer Society. Now its own 501(c)3, Camp UKANDU is continuing its mission of providing a week of outrageous fun for children living with cancer. These pages will direct you to where you can get questions answered.

If you’re looking for how to go to camp, dates, eligibility, registering, etc., go to the Registration page.  If you want to work at camp, click Volunteers. We always want donors. Guess where you go! Other camp info is on the general information page.

You won’t find many pictures on this site in order to protect the confidentiality of the kids at camp. All are dealing with cancer as a big part of their lives. If you want to contact me to give me a photo, a story, or something you’d like added, contact Shakes.